Getting the best from IRAS

4. Transfer and sharing

You may want other people to input into your applications for a research approval / permission, for example collaborators or a particular support service / department (e.g. radiology). IRAS makes this easy by allowing you to transfer the Full Set of Project Data (or individual forms) to other IRAS users.

In this section we will explore:

  • How to share applications using the transfer or print functionality and what you should be aware of;
  • What to do when you receive a transfer if you are a collaborator or are responsible for providing support services (e.g. radiology);
  • How to permanently transfer a project if for whatever reason you are no longer responsible for it (e.g. you are retiring, moving on to another job, going on maternity leave etc).

You always submit forms for authorisation or to the relevant review bodies for research approvals / permission. Although the forms and full project dataset appear similar – only forms have a ‘Submission’ or ‘E-submission’ tab (the Full Set of Project Data never has these tabs).