Getting the best from IRAS

2.9 Supporting Documents

Your final submission to a review body will include both the information that you enter into the relevant application form(s) within IRAS, plus a number of supporting documents (e.g. research protocol / project proposal etc). Each review body has different requirements in terms of what should be submitted to support your application. You will find details of what each review body requires in terms of supporting documents under the relevant form's Checklist tab.

When supporting documents need to be uploaded to IRAS

When a form will be submitted to a review body electronically via the e-submission tab, then all supporting documents must be uploaded into IRAS to support your submission. For further details on this process please visit the 'Checklist' page of this guide.

Optional areas in IRAS to store supporting documents

IRAS provides two areas where supporting documents can be saved/stored, these are explored in more detail in the 'My Documents and Project documents' page of this guide. Use of these areas is optional and you may use either area regardless of how your submission will be made (i.e. whether your submission is made electronically via the e-submission tab or via email).

Note: If you make any amendments to your research (i.e. changes to your research after the initial approval(s) have been given), you should submit any new or amended supporting documents as part of your amendment submission.