Getting the best from IRAS

1.3 Finding your way around - IRAS Home

When you visit the IRAS website and use the Enter button, you are taken to the IRAS Home page.

info icon To explore key areas of the Home page, please select one of the numbers below:

screenshot of IRAS home page. Box1 Main Menu. Box2 Important notices. Box3 Update notices. Box 4 Login.

1. MAIN MENU BAR - Once logged in to the system, additional menu items will become available to you.

2. IMPORTANT NOTICES – Sometimes there will be advance notice of planned updates to IRAS. When this is the case these notices will temporarily appear in a separate box above the shaded section on the IRAS home page and they will always begin with a red line of text.

3. SHADED SECTION – When new versions of IRAS are launched this purple section is where you will learn about the update. If the changes require you to enter new information or to change your projects or forms in any way, IRAS will tell you and will lead you through the process.

4. PLEASE LOGIN - You can login to IRAS and start applying for approvals, reviewing, and authorising applications as soon as you have created your account.