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2.7 Organisation Search Function


  • The organisation search function is available for project based research taking place in the NHS only. If your research is not project based, or you are entering details for a non-NHS organisation, you should enter the host organisation details as free text into the address field.
  • Remember that the details you will enter into Part C are for the Host Organisation. This may mean that the address you enter into Part C are different from the actual location that the research will take place.

If you will be conducting your project in the NHS/HSC, you should use the organisation search function to add Host Organisation details to Part C of your application.

To access the organisation search function you first need to create a row for the site in Part C of the dataset and then click the radio button to confirm that it is an NHS/HSC site. This triggers a pop-up containing the organisation search.monitor

You can expand the site address information by clicking on the blue triangle button monitorto the left hand side of the grid.

Read the instructions provided in the pop-up box and ensure you complete any filtering questions to ensure you access the appropriate list of organisations. Once the appropriate organisation has been found through the search, click on ‘Copy Data’ monitorat the right hand side of the grid to enter the information into the row in Part C.

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