Getting the best from IRAS

5. My Contacts

‘My Contacts’ allows you to add the contact details and/or qualifications of people associated with your research applications into a central place, which you can then access throughout the IRAS system.

‘My Contacts’ can be useful if you work with the same collaborators and / or sponsor(s) on a number of different projects because in adding these to ‘My Contacts’ you can then access these on every project you create and this can save you a lot of typing when completing your applications.

How to add a contact to My Contacts

  • Simply select 'My Contacts' from the main menu;
  • Click on the ‘Add Contact’ button (at the bottom of the page);
  • Then complete the fields required.

Note: Adding contacts in this way, is the best way to avoid adding duplicate contacts.

The diskette icon diskette

The diskette icon is available throughout IRAS whenever you are asked to fill in someone’s contact details.

You can use this icon to save your contacts to ‘My Contacts’ once you have typed them into your full project dataset or forms.

Note: Be aware that it is easier to add duplicate contacts when using the diskette icon.

The green man icon Green man

The green man icon is also available whenever you are asked to fill in someone’s contact details in IRAS.

You can add contact details from ‘My Contacts’ into your full project dataset or forms by simply clicking on the green man icon. IRAS will then automatically insert the contacts that you select.